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Nursery wall decals are the easiest, simplest and cheapest way to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of learning, colors and objects. They are also needed to create an active, notably vibrant bedroom for your growing children.

Studies have shown that as babies grow up, they strive to make sense of the world around them, visualizing and categorizing everything into objects. There is no better way to significantly influence their learning capabilities by placing some interesting stickers and decals in their bedroom, the place where they spend most of their time.

Nursery decals are available in many different colors, themes, and sizes. They are one of the most affordable ways of positively influencing your baby. Each theme which I have included below, all serve the three most important aspects of childhood learning: to be colorful, engaging/interactive and educational.

Wall decals are made of vinyl, which makes them easy to attach to any wall surface of the house where babies and kids spend most of their time. Worried about your walls? Don’t be – these wall stickers and decals are only the highest of quality – easy to put on, easy to take off with no damage to your walls.

Unlike the paintings, which may contain harsh chemicals and in turn can be expensive, baby wall stickers are cheaper and safe for your children. They are the most convenient way to create the perfect learning atmosphere for your children, so jump right in and choose a wall stickers and decal to suit your new baby nursery or child’s bedroom of all ages!

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1. Tree   2. Tree & Flowers   3. Elephant Family   4. Elephant

5. Monkey   6. Jungle   7. Owls   8. Alphabet 1   9. Alphabet 2 

10. Branches   11. Flowers   12. Butterfly   13. Cinderella   14. Princess

15. Castle   16. Transport   17. Trucks   18. Disney   19. Clouds


These types of tree wall decals for nursery or forest wall decals injects a burst of colorful energy into your baby or child’s bedroom and affords them a stylish way of learning.

Tree & Flowers

This decal combines both a tree and flower stems. You can display them like shown above or however you like in different areas/walls around the room.

Elephant Family

Elephants are growing in popularity and why not when this family of five elephants is so cute?


The elephant blowing bubbles is one you can purchase by itself or can be used in conjunction with the elephant family decals above.


Monkey decals are one of the most purchased wall decals for kids. This is no surprise because monkeys are not only cute, but they are cheeky, just like our kids!


Jungle wall decals such as a safari theme introduces your baby or child to the adventures outdoors and lets them be acquainted with the most popular animals such as the mighty elephant, the wise owls, the crafty monkey and even the prehistoric dinosaurs.


The wise owls hanging from the tree branches is a very popular choice for baby girls. Reusable and residual free, these owl wall decals are kind on your walls and allow you the ability recreate the most stunning scenarios.


You can create the most commonly used words as your baby grows into a toddler and progresses along with these decals.

Alternatively, you can incorporate the alphabet theme that covers all the letters interspersed with the corresponding animals for learning and a joyful environment. This theme not only lets the young ones learn the alphabets, but they also learn their corresponding animals as well. With such a strong foundation, school becomes breezy, much to the joys of affected parents. As they continue to grow, move the letters around, and create words to enhance your child’s learning ability.


This branches with flowers and birds is a pretty wall decal this is another best selling nursery wall sticker due to it’s simplicity yet beautiful and elegant environment it creates.


Other available themes include the butterfly and flower wall decals that introduces an array of butterflies into the nursery giving it a springtime aura and lets your baby’s eye attach onto beautiful scenery


Butterfly wall decals bring a burst of color and a sense of calmness and revival in to your baby or childs bedroom; who doesn’t love watching a butterfly flutter in the wind?


Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and other fairytale legends are perfect props when you plow through the most traditional fairy tales. No more guesswork:  here is Cinderella in her charming ball gown and after midnight, poof she was in rags; and her lovely coach, oh dear a pumpkin…


There is many different princess themes available for your little girl.


Why not combine a princess or Cinderella theme about with this castle to complete your baby girls bedroom?


Specific to baby boy’s you can incorporate a variety cars, trucks and roads. These should be separated and placed around the room.


Trucks and construction are popular as baby boy stickers.


Of course, Disney has become such a part of childhood experience that Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, adorn many a children playrooms and as wall stickers.. They make quite the cast in your everyday bedtime stories, which your young one will grow to love. They are also great to grow with your child.


A simple and calming way to decorate your newborn baby’s bedroom is with these cloud wall decals. They provide a calming experience for both parent and baby.

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  • Reply Patricia February 22, 2016 at 4:35 pm

    Excellent idea, very practical and cheap indeed. So cheap that I purchased a few and will see what I like in my little boys bedroom. So excited to start doing it once they arrive in the mail.

  • Reply Ronnie October 19, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Love these! Just bought the elephants!

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