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Top 5 Baby Monitors Worth Buying

When a new baby comes into your life, things get pretty tense and it’s difficult to be on your guard 24/7. When half of you is busy (doing something other than looking after your baby) and the other half worrying over your  baby, you need to buy items that can modernize your life and make it a tad easier to supervise your baby without physically being over them.

Millions of parents like to keep a baby monitor in the nursery to keep an eye on the babies and with that, I personally can attest that it provides the uttermost comfort and reassurance to me. I can still see and hear everything my baby is doing, be it chortling or snoring without having to be in close proximity.

I’ve also written a blog post about Baby Movement Monitors, which are a simpler form of monitoring your baby, without the use of video or any audio visual. You can read more about it here.

Baby monitors are wonderful gadgets which let parents watch and safeguard their baby and they’re never out of earshot. Between myself, my sister and cousin we have tried several baby monitors and have listed them down for your ease with their transcendent qualities. As to which one you pick, it depends on your budget and what you want, all offer different features for different reasons.

Best Selling Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The Finest Choice – Vtech: This is a plain and simple audio baby monitor. The sound system has the best sound clarity of all baby monitors.  When it comes to sound clarity, the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor  is a remarkable product and eliminates the need to visually have a peek at the baby. I can plainly hear the sound of my baby without any noise in the background, and that’s simply what I want and need. This device particularly comes handy at night, since you can hear the sound very resonantly and one call from the baby will wake you up, even if you sleep like a rock.

Best Selling Video Baby Monitor

A Comforting Vision – Infant Optics:The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a best selling product that provides you peace of mind because it is reliable and offers a very efficient way of monitoring of your little one. The product entices me very much, because if you zoom in to get a closer peek, the scene never distorts neither shows any signs of noise. This device is a breeze to set up (plug and play) and with its panoramic advantages, one gets to check the baby’s full activity, moreover you can reply back to the baby, as it is a two-way talk gadget.

The Big Boss

Hollyson:Arranging the Hollyson Digital Security Baby Monitor is simply kid’s stuff. This one’s highly popular due to it’s extra feature of temperature monitoring which is unlike any other monitor. It has proved to be exceptional when it comes to interacting with my baby or singing a lullaby to put her to sleep. My friend got me this on my baby shower and I can’t thank her enough of this benevolence. The device has a long battery life and an extensive range, which allows me to check upon my baby, even when I’m immersed in the garden or yard. It doesn’t require a full night charging or something similar. It is a simple device with no loopholes attached.

The Hi-tech Enabler

Philips Avent: Seriously, I was never keen about baby monitors before Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode came into my life. I originally tried this baby monitor as I bought a whole range of Philips avent baby bottles, bottle sanitizers etc and at the time, the baby monitor came up as a ‘recommend product’ so I thought I’d give it a try. This bestseller product is an enabler and got me hooked to baby monitors, not just because of keeping my baby’s safety in mind but due to the numerous exciting features these devices come with. You name it and this device has everything; a clear vision, zooming aptitudes, two-way talk and a proper night vision function to keep a watchful gaze on the baby, even in the darkness and a temperature sensor. It’s like being next to your baby but in the other room – magnificent in my eyes!

A Dependable Device

Motorola: Baby monitors must be absolutely faultless and flawless in terms of sound clarity because sounds are much more evocative than vision in my opinion, however this  Motorola one is great in both sound and video, an all round winner! The Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor withColor LCD Screen is excellent and captures some of the most inaudible sounds which is hugely reassuring, if you ask me. The video quality itself is great and even at nighttime or in dimness, the picture quality is never compromised. It is a very easy to use and trustworthy device.

There is now a newer version of the one I originally purchased. This is the newer Motorola baby monitor available here

After using a few of these baby monitors, I’ve come to realize that they lend an important hand in parents’ life and if you haven’t tried one yourself, now is the time to do so. With these incredible devices, the constant worry of your child will diminish and both yourself and your baby will be more peaceful.

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