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Snuza Baby Movement Monitor: Providing Peace of Mind for Parents

Today’s blog post is about baby movement monitors (for Standard Baby Monitors, Click Here) which there is two brands that you can choose from. Previously there were separate brands but as of recently, it looks like the manufactures have somewhat merged.

Snuza Hero (formally Snuza Halo)

Levana Oma+ (now by Snuza)

I have personally used the Snuza Hero myself, hence today’s blog post is about exactly that. But in saying this, all specifications and use of the Snuza are equally applicable to the Levana Oma+ also. They are essentially the same product but must product two products based on country? I actually don’t know why there is two, but hey.

While the these baby movement monitors may be written off as luxurious items in some parental quarters that exist, they are very handy devices that rid of new parents of anxiety.

Not to mention added, catching up on extra, well deserved sleep.

First-time mothers, such as when I was myself, suffer from all manner of anxiety about our little bundles of joy.

Are they sleeping okay?

Is their breathing normal or erratic?

Are they congested?

With all these questions running through your mind it is extremely difficult to sleep well at night.

Luckily for me, I came across the Snuza baby monitor. When I first bought one it was called the Snuza Halo, but the Snuza Hero baby monitor is the new model.

I purchased it just a few days after my second child. She was a few weeks premature, and this drove me over the wall over her well-being, I became sleep deprived, restless and angry all the time. Luckily, my hubby acquired a Snuza Hero breathing movement monitor.

An then, peace reigned in my life.

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How Do You Use It?

The innovative Snuza Baby Monitor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use features an ergonomic design that makes them easy to clip on the baby’s diaper without interfering with their sleeping patterns. The snuza baby monitor relies on the latest, state of the art technology that combines mobility with finely-tuned precision monitoring.Snuza-Hero-Review

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How Does It Work?

The Snuza Hero baby movement monitor features a unique vibration feature to stimulate the child if no change is registered for 15 seconds. If the Snuza baby movement monitor does not sense movement 5 seconds after the stimulation, an audible alarm is activated to alert you to the need to check on the baby.

Is it Safe To Use?

An interesting feature that endeared me to Snuza Hero baby monitor is the safety levels. The Snuza Hero is made of hypo allogenic, medical grade plastic that did not harm my gentle angel and does not have cords and wires that can pose a danger.

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Additionally, the Snuza monitor does not operate on radio frequencies – something that I believe is not very healthy for a young child, let alone a new born baby (and in my case a premature baby).

Running on replaceable batteries, the Snuza batteries offer up to 2,000 hours of activity – plenty!

Do You Really Need One?

Snuza cordless portable movement monitor affords you priceless peace of mind about your baby’s well-being, allowing you attend to other matters in the house. As a new mother, I truly treasured this ability. Just clip the snuza hero movement monitor to the baby’s diaper and the state of the art sensors make it appear like she is right next to you despite being in different rooms.

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Besides being small, light and reliable, I noticed that having a baby monitor for breathing allows the child to rest well. Prior to acquiring one, I had to pop frequently in and check on her which often disturbed her sleep.

Not anymore, Snuza Herobaby breathing monitor allowed me to keep tab without disturbing her.

A reassuring tic on the Snuza go movement monitor, which reassures you that your angel is sleeping just fine, is a timely gift for new mothers, especially those suffering from post-natal anxiety. Snuza Portable baby movement monitor has been found quite useful in helping doctors diagnose babies with sleep apnea, a condition in which sleeping children forget to breathe. Children with such conditions require close monitoring by health care providers.

The Snuza monitor is carefully designed to ensure it cannot be accidentally turned off, no matter how the baby moves. You would need to press two buttons simultaneously to turn off the Snuza Hero monitor that is a great relief. A bus load of mothers would testify to the efficacy of this fantastic, judging from a myriad of snuza baby monitor reviews.

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