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Through the many triumphs and trials of pregnancy, the most a parent looks forward to holding their little, a cute bundle of joy in their arms. However, sometimes, life can throw out a curveball that completely ruins your expectations and throws your carefully choreographed calendar of events into a spin by handing you a premature baby.

Preemies have a slight disadvantage that is abridged by acquiring the right kind of baby items suitable for them. Specialty preemie items not only protect the baby but also ensure uneventful maturity. Here are a few pointers I picked while providing both preterm baby care to my second child aswell as my nephew Joey, who even only at the age of 10, now towers over everyone as we are little people.

Preemie Carseats

Having a preemie in the car requires extra care to guarantee their safety and comfort given their diminutive stature. Go for the three- or five-point harness system as they provide maximum fit, confiture, and correct position. Most importantly check the weight capacity – pre mature babies require smaller car safety seats – these should be designed for less than 20 pounds.

Be sure to keep the your baby’s back back in an upright position, edge the seat into a 45-degree tilt, and always make sure that the straps are never in contact with the face, neck, or ears. Never place the safety chair on the passenger side of the car, especially if it has an airbag. The Chicco Keyfit infant baby car seat features a 5-point harness that is adjustable by one hand and enables full body inserts for the smaller children – from 4 – 11 pounds. Car seats for premature babies boast a variety of level adjustability that makes for easy installations and comfort level for your baby.

Preemie Baby Bottles & Teats/Nipples

Breast milk is nature’s way of ensuring that infants born prematurely grow to be healthy, wealthy, and strong – or so the saying goes. Breast milk is the single most important source of nutrition for your premature baby and goes over and above the nutritional value of formulas. Unfortunately, preemie boys are known not the best of feeders. Specialty feeding bottles are necessary to ensure your baby boy (or even girl) feeds well and insures them from harm. While health professionals always recommend breastfeeding as it increases the mother and baby bond – when circumstances do not allow, you can express your breast milk and feed the your baby with a bottle – but you can’t just use any smaller size bottle, you need the right pre-mature baby bottle.

Preemie Baby bottles feature specialty nipples such as Enfamil neonatal nipples that are not only smaller in size but also have a much slower milk flow rate than the standard-flow nipples. The Enfamil neonatal nipples are especially vaunted for their ability to induce a natural flow rate that reduces the amount of effort required to draw the milk from the bottle – which gratefully makes the feeding process much easy for a preemie. Nipples from Dr. Browns offer an excellent alternative when you cannot access the more attractive and individually wrapped Enfamil variety that is latex free.

Preemie Formulas

When you have the need to supplement with formulas, settle on a specialty formula such as Similac Neosure Infant formula. These varieties contain more vitamins, minerals, and proteins than the standard formulas designed for regular babies. They contain unique components found in breast milk, such as DHA and ARA that bolster mental and visual development in premature infants. They are especially useful in providing stable foundation to your preemie’s life and enables them to grow up to be strong, healthy and productive individuals in life. Remember Joey? He grew from a 24 week premature baby to be the towering, albeit gentle giant who has just started playing football. He owes his stature in part to specialty formulas, genes and of course, all the love and care we put in during his hours of need.

Preemie Pacifiers

Pacifiers for premature babies should feature a natural shape and should be comfortable to hold. They significantly differ with the standard variety in that they have no internal guard, and so they should be soft and flexible. Ensure you settle on a pure silicone typesuch as JollyPop, which do not peel or crack and are unscented. They also boast a comfortable curvature to fit snugly on the preemie baby’s face.

Preemie Diapers

The diminutive size of these little miracles warrants diapers in smaller sizes and Huggies little Snugglers Diapers offer soft, quilted inner pads with a comfortable and breathable outer cover. Additionally, they boast an umbilical cord cut out that affords the baby maximal protection as it heals. They also have a wetness indicator that changes color to alert you when the little one requires a diaper change. Premature baby diapers are specially designed to fit babies that weigh up to 6 lbs while ensuring no leakages, and the packaging features the ever-uplifting images from Winnie the Pooh.

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