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Baby Crib Bedding Sets: Top Selling Crib Sheets, Blankets and Bedding

If you are a parent you already know how intimidating life is, when you start a family.

Primarily because there are so many things that circle around your kids and you only want the best things for them.

I am a mother of three children and the last inspired to write this blog. She’s so small and delicate, Ah! the way she yawns! Makes my heart melt.


As a mother to three kids, I’ve only ever wanted my babies to be surrounded by top-notch baby products.

What was the most important baby product that I scrutinized hours over?

Baby crib bedding.

So whilst buying anything for all my children, I do so much research, I literally sieve through everything to give them the finest things life could offer.

And since you’re here, it seems that you want the same thing for your babies too. The most crucial and the most daunting things to purchase for them is ensuring you purchase the right crib bedding.

Crib Bedding: What Your Baby Needs

Babies are delicate beings. You don’t want to put them in a place that isn’t soft and plush.

Mediocre crib bedding, just won’t do.

Trust me.

I tried it with my first child, as we really couldn’t afford to even maintain ourselves let alone a new baby. I went out to the local store and found the cheapest crib bedding I could buy – terrible idea.

Utmost care needs to be provided to your baby all the time, 27/7. Only good quality baby crib bedding is capable of achieving a feat like that.

Why? Keep the risks of SIDS and suffocation at bay, you have to pay heed to their bedding more than anything.

I have listed the things that are necessary whilst arranging a crib home. These are rudimentary and must-have:

  1. Fitted Sheets (LOTS): These easily slip into the mattress, making it more comfortable for your little one. With this you ensure there are no wrinkles formed on the bed, and your baby doesn’t have a raised crease in the sheets to cause any discomfort. My Tip – buy as many as your budget allows. Buy more than you think and buy them all at once.
  2. Bumpers: Bumpers assist in keeping your baby in check. You don’t want their limbs hanging out or want them to get hurt whilst they are having a restful sleep. Basically they are for protection from bumps and bruises and for safety reasons also.
  3. Crib Skirts: Totally optional but worth it if you are trying to give your baby crib a beautiful look. Also, useful as storage if you are trying to hide something under the crib skirt.
  4. Waterproof Mattress Pads: Give a comfortable additional layer of padding underneath the crib sheet. It will give an extra layer of protection to your mattress. Again, buy 2-3 of these as you never know what may happen and it’s always good to have backup.
  5. Anti-Allergen encasements: Helps you to fight airborne allergies that might come from dust mites. A solid investment!

You can buy a pair of fitted sheets, skirts and anti-allergen encasements which will help you to rotate it when one of them is looking at the insides of a washing machine.

Now, since I have garnered enough experience in the perfect baby crib bedding scavenging department whilst selecting what’s best for my doll, maybe I could help you out with your selection too. If you are a proud parent and are mulling over what needs to be bought for your love, I suggest you take a look at some of the best baby crib beddings that I have handpicked for you. Each one of them has a unique specialty that makes them one of a kind. Filter through them all to get the product that sounds right for your baby.

Types of Baby Crib Bedding

There are three major types of baby crib bedding that you might come across namely – Cotton, Polyester and Flannel.

Polyster: Firstly, I quickly rule out polyester since it isn’t as breathable as cotton and doesn’t hold up to high temperature, we are going to pay attention to cotton and flannel here.

Cotton: Cotton is very soft and breathable. It keeps your baby cool during warmer days. It is advisable you go for natural cotton since it is void of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Easy to clean. One of the drawbacks is that it wrinkles easily.

Flannel: If you are looking for an ideal crib sheet for winter, flannel is the answer to your search. They keep your baby warm even during the coldest of nights. They are lightweight, soft very durable.

Just Want Some Crib Sheets?

Here are the ONLY brands I would recommend:

Organic Crib Sheets

Baby Blankets

Crucial to wrap your little one up, baby blankets can’t be ignored. Make sure you invest in a soft one, that gives your baby unmatched comfort.

If you have a baby boy, you could go for a themed blanket that has relevant boy cartoons to flaunt.

Alternatively you can go for pink blankets for girls, with themes like dolls and kitties on them.

It is a great idea to buy more than one baby blanket. If one goes down you can use the second one, whilst the first one goes for a washing spin.

Unisex Ziggy Baby blankets: You get a pair of 3 muslin blankets made of 100% muslin cotton. This is just perfect for swaddling your little one and perfect for any season except for winter. The trendy patterns on these blankets will keep things modish.

Hudson Baby double layer blanket: Just right for cooler temperature, as it will provide the warmth your baby needs. Comes wrapped with a beautiful ribbon, it is a warm, comfortable and super soft deal that your baby should try at least once.

Baby Quilts

Quilts are a basic necessity for colder regions. You don’t want your baby to catch a cold. Where the temperature is low, it is a must.

Danha Triangle Quilt: It has a puffy and comfortable fabric that makes sure baby gets a sound sleep every time he/she yawns. It has a catchy design that has polka dots on the bottom side whilst enthralling triangles on top. It isn’t just restricted to being a quilt but can be used for multiple purposes.

Crib Bedding Sets

Crib bedding sets are downright brilliant for your babies. They let your baby stay protected inside the bumpers. You know exactly where your baby is even if they have moved around. Also, you get an entire set that comes with so many useful things that it makes your baby smile. If your kid moves a lot then the bumpers might hinder his/her movement. If you don’t cushion it well then your baby is prone to accidents. It is advisable you use plenty of pillows by creating a cushion wall for their safety.

Also, if you are planning to gift it to a friend who is expecting a baby, trust me there is nothing better than a crib bedding set. It has everything that will beam the parents up with unmatched euphoria.

Disney Winnie the Pooh crib bedding Set: There is nothing sweeter than watching your baby play jovially in the backdrop of the honey-loco cartoon character Pooh. It comes with a comforter, fitted sheet, and dust ruffle. If you want a bumper too you need to purchase it separately.

SOHO Camo Baby Bedding Set: Now say “where is the baby?” with the gorgeous looking camo baby bedding set that comes with around 13 pieces of basic baby necessities. Apart from the usual crib, it also has a diaper bag with changing pad and bottle case.

Baby Girl Bedding

Sweet Jojo Designs Boutique Skylark Baby Bedding: As girly as it gets. The baby girl bedding speaks of vibrant colors that are hard not to get attracted to. Bedding is a 9 piece crib set that blends in beautiful colors like gray, white damask, candy pink, white polka dot and solid turquoise cotton. There are matching accessories provided as well like hampers, lamp shades and wall décor.

Bedtime Originals Lavender Woods 3 piece bedding: Lavender in the bedding exhumes beauty that is hard to find. The bedding seems to be telling your baby girl a fairy tale. The color and the comfort are so soothing, watch her go to sleep in a jiffy. The Owl baby bedding features Tootsie that will watch over your girl whilst you are gone. Comes with a quilt, fitted sheet and dust ruffle.

Baby Boy Bedding

Bacati Elephant Baby Bedding: Address the elephant in the room by allotting him bedding that he can’t remove his eyes from. It is a 10 pieces crib bedding for boys that has everything your baby boy needs. Bring out his love for the animal at a very young age by instilling this enthralling piece of bedding in your house. It comes with imported toys and wall hanging set too. A perfect themed fit.

SoHo Monkey crib bedding: A monkey themed crib bedding set that will help you to embellish the beauty quotient and take it up another notch into awesomeness. The colors are really beautiful to look at. Ensure your baby boy learns to identify the invigorating colors at a young age. The set comes with 14 pieces that give your baby boy everything that he needs in his crib. Apart from the rudimentary you get a cute baby bib and a toy bag as well.

Unisex Crib Bedding

  1. DK Leigh owl neutral baby bedding set: The imported infant bedding is made up of 100% cotton and includes everything that your baby needs growing up. Can be easily washed. It also features a diaper stacker with it to help you fight with the pooping department.

American Baby Company Heavenly 4 piece crib: With a perfect blend of 100% cotton and Polyester, it is one of the softest beddings that your baby is going to love sleeping into. It is a 4 piece crib set that fits all standard cribs and mattresses for kids. The magnificent Chenille material makes for great aesthetics. It will also slither on your baby skin like butter. Be prepared to listen to the cute fits of laughter when your baby cuddles the comforter and wraps up in its comfy sheets. You also get a percale bed skirt with it that makes the bedding look complete.

  1. Summer Infant 4 piece jungle collection set: It features a wonderful crib wrap that removes gaps in cribs thus avoiding entrapment. It has a comforter that can be used to hang on the wall for aesthetics or as a design centerpiece. You can also use it on the floor. The sheet is elasticized allowing for a great fit to the mattress.

Organic Crib Sheets

#1 for certified organic cotton crib sheets

Bassinet Organic crib sheets: If you are looking for the softest crib sheet for your baby to have a comfortable sleeping experience, Bassinet Bedding Sets bring to you a gorgeous 100% organic cotton muslin fitted crib sheet. It is ideal for your baby’s skin. It will make a great addition to your existing children’s bedding set. It has a deep pocket that will tuck the mattress just fine. Now ensure your baby stays right over the sheets of hygiene, care and unmatched softness.


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