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Must Haves! The Most Adorable Baby & Toddler Leggings

OMG! OMG! I am so excited! My baby looks adorable! Hayley has never looked so cute before, and I couldn’t thank my cousin enough. Why, you ask? Because she introduced me to the idea of dressing up my baby in leggings and leg warmers. Following her advice, I bought these exquisite baby leggings and baby leg warmers that look just perfect on her. People are noticing how cute she is and showering her with compliments.

I am super-psyched!

New Baby Fashion Trend: Unisex Baby & Toddler Leggings & Tights

I honestly feel like a super groovy Mom at the moment dressing my daughter in the cutest baby clothes that I’ve come across. Talk about baby clothes that are oh so versatile, comfortable and affordable! These are unisex baby clothes so no limitations, you can buy as baby boy leggings or baby girl leggings! Also – you can dress your baby up for any occasion, follow my baby styling tips below 🙂

There are so many enthralling designs that it makes my heart melt.

If you too wish to get in on the bandwagon of awesomeness in this new trend of baby leggings, just behold the endearing options that are out there. It might want you to get one pair, two or even five for your baby too (I initially purchased two sets, it was so hard to decide, then when I received them, I fell in love so deep, I’ve purchased another 10 sets – they are literally the best baby clothes ever!)

I’ve even bought sets in bigger sizes so my daughter is ready to wear once she grows.

These are your kid’s pleasant company for casual wearing, parties, birthdays and other such events.

  1. Most Comfort Ever! This is a must! You can’t really overlook this factor when selecting baby clothes, baby leggings offer the uttermost comfort to your baby and they will smile all day long. After all, a baby smile is something that you look forward to.
  2. Style: Ensure your baby walks hand in hand with the contemporary by investing in the most stylish and chic leggings for toddlers and visually stunning infant leg warmers.
  3. Quality: We can’t ignore this final important quotient whilst selecting a perfect legging or warmer. Baby leggings offer good quality products. There is no worries about buttons falling off or anything like that, just unfold and place on, that’s it!

Cuteness Level Embellished!

A plethora of infant leggings and warmers are available. I will help you make the most rad selection ever. Whilst diving into making a purchase I would urge you to pay attention to some helpful points that I’ve learned whilst shopping for the same for my daughter.

Tip #1: Look At The Material

They are everywhere, easy to find and you can lay your hand on some of the most spectacular designs (we’ll talk about that later) but first and foremost, but make sure that you do not overlook the material the baby leggings are made from.


A good quality material ensures that it acts as a protective shield against nature’s effects without having any loose ends.

I recommend going for organic cotton or GOTS certified cotton, it’s the most healthy for your child to be clothed in. Reason being they are very soft to touch and make for comfortable wearing. Plush and breathable really! Nylon and spandex too make great variants.

Tip #2: Get Fancy, Go for Patterned Baby Leggings

It is a key factor whilst selecting toddler leggings and warmers. You have to pay attention as to what will look cool on your kid and what is versatile to match with other clothes. If there is a t-shirt or a top that you wish to match up with the warmer or leggings, make sure you are going for the right color. Here are a few examples.


1.Boss  2. Mama  3. Beanies  4. Triangle  5. Striped Headband

6. Oui Oui  7. Gold Baby Moccasins  8. Plain T-Shirt 

9. New Kid on the Block  10. Cool Baby  11. Be YouTiful 

12. Like a Boss  13. Red Baby Moccasins

14. Headphone T-Shirt  15. Love 

16. Gold Dotti Headband  17. Plain Pants 

18. Whale Leggings  19. Camouflage Baby Moccasins

Patterns? Yes! Exceptional designs have been doing the rounds lately, THEY ARE THE BEST EVER! There are extraordinary patterns that exhume elegance. They make the attire of the baby captivating. Here are some examples of what I bought and a selection of what you can too!

Recommended: Best Selling Patterned Leggings #1  (View Here)

Recommended: Best Selling Patterned Leggings #2 (View Here)

Recommended: Best Selling Patterned Leggings #3 (View Here)

Patterned designs are simply mind-boggling and easy to match with, go for patterned bottoms with a lighter shade top to go with it and see how fantastic the baby get up becomes. Darker shades come out as prominent on lighter tinges. The pattern on the baby legwarmers or leggings should be repetitive and dark so that it would complement the light hue in the backdrop. It makes for an impeccable ensemble.


Tip#:3 Match It!

You might find an option of selecting both top and bottom together with some products. This will help you avoid manually browsing through all the baby tops that you already retain. The set comes with matching pairs that are meant to be worn together. Buy a series of these and you don’t have to spend a thought on what should your baby wear on a particular day.

You could browse from these sets too:

Finish Off the Cuteness With Baby Moccasins


Ice it up with a baby moccasin and you have got yourself a fascinating little baby outfit. The baby outfit will officially be complete with the matching top and leggings for babies or toddler leg warmers (if you are going for the set directly) and then an engaging moccasin to go with all of them.

Eventually, your baby would literally be dressed up for every occasion.

Baby Leg Warmers

It gets awfully cold sometimes, and I hate the idea of having to put Hayley through the punishing cold. But unfortunately we don’t have a say in nature’s matter, do we? Yes, we can always protect them. So I decided to give it a shot and invested in an appealing set of toddler girl leggings and leg warmers for babies.

Leg warmers are pretty handy when it comes to changing diapers as it makes the whole job lot easier. Also, the fact that it doesn’t have feet cover ensures that an infant has enough freedom to move her cute little toes unhindered. Socks used to irritate Hayley beyond limit. A leg warmer was a welcome change for her as she stopped complaining.

Another great advantage of having them is that they look superb. I didn’t know these things existed, and now that I have them I can’t stop browsing through the internet!

Best Baby Products

Must Haves! Baby & Toddler Overalls

As mothers, we want our babies to dress nice and cute. Searching on social media – especially Instagram, I saw a lot of Moms dressing their babies with cute overalls and they are so stylish!

Baby overalls are basic, easy to dress and are a ‘must have’ for us and our babies.   With so many types of baby overalls nowadays, it’s really hard to choose the ‘perfect baby overall’. We always have to remember they need to be comfortable in these overalls.

What I love about baby overalls, is that you can find different styles for all seasons, they can be worn in summer, winter, spring and fall.  My tip is to ensure that for winter, yes you need to buy long sleeved and long legged overalls, but you also need to buy baby overalls made of cotton, fleece or plush material. It will keep your baby warm and super comfortable all day long.

Types of Baby & Toddler Overalls


During summer, choose baby overalls without collars, avoid extra layers and always add a cute matching hat, it will keep their head protected. It’s also necessary to protect their skin with sunscreen.

You can also buy bib overalls, they are longer and very stylish too.

If you want and if your baby is a toddler, you can also buy jeans overalls and match with sneakers or sandals. I like a lot to mix patterns, for example, jeans and a checkered shirt, I think it looks cute, different and stylish. If it’s summer, try to mix with a colorful shirt or shirt with cartoons.

If you plan travelling with your baby, overalls are perfect for it and can be worn in all the four weathers and they don’t occupy a lot of space in your suitcase. You can mix, add layers and your baby will always look fashionable, cute and comfortable. If they are 6 months older you can dress them with more options of shirts, overalls, footwear, coats and more. Overalls allow us, parents, to dress our babies in different ways without spending a lot of money.

I found some looks that could inspire us, Moms and Dad’s is the baby fashion department, take a lookie and see.

Overall Must Haves!

Denim-Baby-OverallsThis one it’s perfect for fall or spring. I like a lot the blue shirt and the flowered jeans overall adds some style.This is perfect if you don’t want the classic blue jeans overall. The shoes are cute and you can dress the baby with sneakers, boots, sandals or other shoesif it’s needed. It’s a bib and brace overall and is suitable as both a baby girl overall and baby boy overall.

This one it’s perfect for fall or spring. I like the mix of blue and orange and the jeans overall adds some style. The shoes are cute and you can change for an all star or another shoes if it’s needed.

This is so cute and the baby is so cute too! Jeans overalls are perfect for summer, spring or fall. During summer, you can add laces in your babie’s hair or hats, you can choose. Flowered shirts or shirts with different patterns are a good idea.

This is an winter toddler overall. It has bib pants and you can match with boots, sneakers or any other shoes that will keep your baby’s feet warm.

This one is perfect for summer and spring. The red overall is very fashionable. The mix of different stripes (vertical and horizontal) is very stylish. Sandals are a good option.

Jeans overalls are perfect for summer, spring or fall. During summer, you can add laces in your baby’s hair or you can add hats, you can choose. Flowered shirts or shirts with different patterns are a good idea.

Teddy’s overall for babies. Who doesn’t love it? It’s a winter overall baby. I bet grandparents will love to see their grandson dressed in this cute overall!It will keep your baby cozy and warm.

Fleece overall baby. It’s an infant winter overall and it will keep your infant warm at home or in the streets, while you’re taking him for a walk.

This one is summer baby overall or spring baby overall. The red overall is very fashionable. The mix of dots and flowers (see below) is very stylish. Sandals are a good option.

This is a winter baby overall. It’s cute and I think the pink overall with white dots matched the grey long sleeve shirt.

This is a baby boy overall. If your toddler enjoys Mickey, I bet he will love this.

This is an bib overall. The color is different (brown instead of jeans) and you can mix with checkered shirt or a shirt with cartoons.

Overall baby winter, made of cotton plus lamb wool. It will keep your baby warm and it can be worn at lower temperatures.

Insulated bib overalls. They can be worn during winter or fall, when the weather gets colder. Add a long sleeve shirt,  comfortable shoes and keep your toddler warm and dry. This link provides different colors, for girls and boys.

Bib pant are a must for infant winter overalls or summer overalls.  The combination of jeans, stripes and red is cute and fashionable.

This is a baby winter overalls. It’s easier to wear, has long sleeve, bibs and an dinosaur shirt. If you want, you can change the shirt for another one, for example, stripes. If it’s already very cold, dress the baby with one more layer.